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Joal Valmet 8400

Steve P

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At a vintage show a few weeks ago i spotted a boxed 1/32 Joal Valmet 8400 on duals for sale for just over a tenner!, i just could not leave the trade stand without purchasing the model, the box looked a bit rough around the edges but the model is in perfect as new condition.

I was suprised though that while it clearly states 1/32 on the box it is stamped 1/35 on the bottom of the actual model!.

Do Joal still make this model if not when was they in production? why the difference in scales in regards to the box and model? and was i ripped of with the price i paid?.

I am quite pleased with the model though as the detail is quite good and the dual wheels are removeable..

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Well done Steve on your purchase of a decent model/ It is of course in 1/35 scale, though why it says otherwise on the box is a mystery. I'm guessing your one is red, if so it is the same as one of the first models I bought when I began collecting. I would say it is out of production for quite a while now, though I am not sure exactly when. It is one of the more common versions of that casting out there so I would say you paid a fair price for it, considering the retailer has been minding it all this time for you!

Finally be careful when removing the duals as the clips can break off.

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Thankyou James, yea it is a red one, i will get a pic of it tomorrow, it was just sitting there on the shelf in the trade stand! amougst some current Britains models i thought what the hell and purchased it.. 8).. I agree the clips on the duals look a bit fragile. Though it is in 1/35 scale it does not look out of place with my 1/32 scale collection..  :laugh:

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