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A selection of MF Articulated Tractor Brochures for Martin

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Here is a selection of MF articulated tractor brochures I currently have in my collection of MF stuff Mart as promised buddy...



This is a large fold out one... like a newspaper..




I know you have some of these mate... but I thought I'd post them all up for the same of completion... (..so far anyway)

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Not really MF... but very relevant...


Can send you a copy of this if you like.. I pinched it off the Managers desk at Weatherheads in about 1979  :-[:D :D :D  .. bloody interesting document which introduced the differences between a 1200 and a 1250...


Mega rare Australian one..




and again...


and again...


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And finally..


UK Launch brochure...


Some of mine are a bit tatty... but I can't bring myself to replace them as they are as original as they come for me.. I picked them up as a boy and I've almost worn them out by looking at them I reckon  :of:P:D :D

Good luck in your quest for new Atric stuff Mart... I am sure there is a lot more out there than this... but you've now seen all I have I believe  ;)

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That's great thanks very much for scanning those in Marky, that's given me some real food for thought  :) .......There's a lot more on the 1505s and 1805s than I thought, will have to get searching  ;)

If you could copy that 1200 and 1250 pamphlet you acquired  :P  from Weatherheads mate that would be excellent, shall I PM you my address.......

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