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wolf hall farm


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wolf hall farm is a 400 acer arable farm with a dairy herd of 100 cows 150 acers of grass 60 acers of maze and they are also contractos currantly they run a ford 7600 a john deere 6920s a john deere 3340 a john deere 2266 combine a new holland 6020 loader tractor a massy 3080 a massy 6290 a fastrac 3220 a ford 6640 a ford that is on the hedge cutter and a merlo multi farm.

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the herds man brad bedding up the calvs DSCN1946.jpg

the calving yard again DSCN1948.jpgDSCN1949.jpgDSCN1950.jpg

in the other part of the barn is silage trailer what needs a tale gate the old forson major and behind is the old power harrow wot is used for the spud ground DSCN1952.jpg 

the silage bales beside the silage clamp DSCN1953.jpg

rich a part time worker and the merlo bussy on the clamp this is sonn to be replased by a tractor and buck rakeDSCN1954.jpg

the old 7600 on the baler paul one of the full time workers is unblocking it DSCN1955.jpg

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nice updates, great new shed 8)


looks really good your farm.what you think of the major any good thinking of getting one they look good

thanks its a really nice model good detail at brilliant for the price annoyingly i drooped mine but its a really nice model
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