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Well it has been some time since I have done a journal so it is time for an update. Things have been pretty busy here at the farm. We have upgraded the hay merger from a two row H&S model to a 34 foot continuous merger. The H&S was a nightmare from the beginning, the belts fell apart, the P.T.O pump fell off multiple times and we have had countless bearings go out in it as well. The Oxbo cost about twice as much but it is three times as efficient. We have also upgraded payloaders and it should help speed up feedings. We also have a new Penta triple screw tub mixer coming in the next couple weeks. We also plan to trade the 36 row corn planter in on a 48 row planter this spring. There is also a Claas 980 that we ordered last fall that we hope to see by corn silage this fall. Aside from that there will be a 7R series John Deere and possibly a 9R series coming by fall. Any how enough chit chat on to the pictures.


The new payloader is quite a bit bigger, it should help speed things up.



Checking over the new loader in the shop


We also brought out the lagoon pump to check over before it gets dirty in the pit.



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Here are some more

The 36 row corn planter makes its first appearance of the year



Parking the Snow blower for the years (Last spring)


The Houle manure spreader making its way out of the equipment shed pulled by the 9430


The 8430 on the new Huskey manure spreader


The Steiger on the older Huskey manure spreader


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The dealer brought out a lease return T7040 for the farm to try.


Hooking up to the slinger spreader. They wont stay clean for long.


Going over the new slinger before its first load, pulled by the 7930



Time to fuel the 8130 before pumping manure



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Looks like the guys left some cola out on the picnic table


View of the old dairy barn. I am in the process of shingling the roof.



This last one is one I did for fun. I have a friend that like his red tractors so I thought this was appropriate ;D


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very nice, Luke. I love your farm buildings. 1/64 scale is such a great scale for dioramas....too bad not more of the european equipment is made in that scale.I would probably attemt a diorama in that scale if at least I coyuld have some good Fendt tractors in 1/64. Although 1/32 is still my favorite scale to collect.

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Thank you, there was a fellow here in the states that made his own 1/64th Fendt models. They looked great and I wish I had bought one at the time but I didn't. I am very happy with the buildings, bought them on eBay and now I am slowly adding more details to them such as a shingle roof on the dairy barn.

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Really nice, Luke. A lovely display, I love the scale of American farms. Big grassy areas and trees between the buildings and so on. Very nice to see the updates, you've got some nice models there, Luke. :)

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Your previous diorama/blog on here was one of the best. Especially liking the story's to go with it that make it extra interesting and just like the real thing. Always had a thing for 1/64th scale displays. Just the right scale really. Especially if you haven't got a lot of space.

Will be looking forward to seeing things happening on the farm in the future!

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I got my new camera and some toys so I thought id update things.The dealer showed up with our new tub mixer so we hooked it up to the 8130. We had to chip the 8130 for some extra horse power because we wanted a bigger tractor but didn’t feel the need for a 4WD on a tractor that usually just runs the mixer wagon and lagoon pump. We decided to go with a Penta mixer because a dealer in town just acquired the line and after review we really like the quality and workmanship that goes into these mixers. Plus the dealer was more than happy to through in some discounts to jump start sales in the area.







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In the meantime we also started pumping the smaller slurrystore with the 8430 on the Husky spreader and 6320 on the pump.



Maybe this July we will see this monster roaming the fields, It’s and S690 with 40 foot grain header.



Finally I was playing with the camera settings and took these.



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Thanks for the comments guys.

Tony, my display is 4X6 foot. I wanted bigger but scaled it back due to space issues. One tip that I forgot as I worked on mine is to make sure to paint your base layer brown before adding any grasses. Luckily I changed this display about three times before it came to this set up so I was able to repaint my foam base but before that I could always see the blue foam if I looked at the grasses carefully.

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That big vertical feeder is an impressive beast, I bet the the real deal is ginormous! The combine isn't exactly small either mind!

Nice updates to the fleet, Luke. Did the farm like the demo 7040 by the way?

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I have never seen a triple screw mixer in person but some of the twin screws are massive so I can only imagine a triple. ;D

More on the 7040 in the next update but here are a couple shots of it in action and what I have been working on. 8)



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