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Ford 8730 Ploughing


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Great tractor! I demonstrated an 8630 when they first came out and particularly liked the gearbox. It was easy to use, easy to alter the forward / reverse speed match, and you could engage reverse gear at full forward speed and full throttle. The last feature was great for scaring the crap out of prospective buyers, who had never been in one before. >:D

I can't remember what the model name of the plough was that I used; but it was made by Opico, or imported by them. It was a high speed one pass plough with square mouldboards which had a teflon face. Not sure if it was called a Square Plough.

Anyone else remember it?

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Yes Will, you're right, OPICO Square plough it would have been, the rear of the body being a mirror image of the front which came into use as the frame was pushed from left to right or vica versa for the return pass, ie a reversible that looked like a conventional or "runaround" plough.

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