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Rickerby show claas dealer 7th and 8th march 2012


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Rickerby show


Currock Road, Carlisle, Cumbria


Tel:01228 527521

The 11th Spring Show takes place on March 7th and 8th 2012. Come along and see our amazing display of machinery and equipment!

1/32 farming models are attending the two days


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have you seen what these harvesters are making on ebay,,,£200 + plus ,when did you last see a show model make that much money bearing in mind its only from a uk tractor and farm machinery deal ,,,i only wish there were more uk contractors / dealerships making the effort to produce limited models like rickerbys ,,,,at least you will see the real thing on hire this year from rickerbys and that looks very impressive

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them older jag print ones have disappeared off the end of the earth ,you just never see them for sale ,,i see that one on ebay has just finnised at.... £311..... o.m.g...... well on that note i have 4 for sale £££££££ ;D ;D ;D ;D ££££££££

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our rickerbys joined our 17 strong jag fleet today ! did not like the decal job at first but when it arrived we changed our mind ! its a super decal job very very well done.re jaguar print rickerbys we picked ours up at spalding last october and they can be found on german ebay from time t time

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