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Vintage Siku Prototypes?


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I've just bought some discontinued Siku vintage farm models and am trying t olocate the prototypes for each. Having looke on this forum, I've not come up with anything, so thought I'd ask!

The models are a potato digger with a circular basket, a mechanical hay rake with 6 small forks, a seed drill and a dump rake. Haven't found much online, other than that the potato digger might be a 1930's Grimme model?

Anybody help, please?

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I've not got time this weekend to put up my own pics, so here are the details using web pages:

Potato Planter, Dump Rake, Mechanical Hay Fork, Vintage Rake all on this page:


Amazone Manure Spreader, Amazone Fertilizer Spreader on here:


Grimme Potato Digger on this page:


Where I’ve got the make, if anybody can give me details of model or dates, I’ll be very grateful.


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if you are lookinig at what machinery is used to create the models of, that will be a difficult thing to do, most are originally horse drawn equipment of which manufacturers are not well documented. i dont have anything anymore of the Siku Farmerclassic series that started in 2002. So dont know if the boxes provided more information then what you found on the farmmodeldatabase..

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Nope. the boxes don't give anything away, I'm afraid. I had guessed that most were derived from horsedrawn items, but don't have any info on machinery from that early - something I must obviously rectify!

Perhaps I should work up a harness and get a few horses onto the shelves? ;-)

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