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well as a few of you know i am a keen photographer aswell as farm worker and i do photography for various farming businesses in the telford/shresbury area.

i was just wondering if it would be worth me selling my photos now to just anybody and not just the farmer whos kit it is. if so how could i do this??

would anybody on here be interested in purchasing any pictures at the right price??

feedback would be great but here are just an example of what im on about













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To be honest I will only ever purchase any Photographs of Classic Tractors and then they have to be really good.

But just because I won't it does not mean other people won't you could test the market buy selling batches on Ebay or advertise here.

The photos are good just not my thing.

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An interesting subject as I know a few that do this, mostly ameture photographers and a couple of professional ones. From what I have been told from these people is that the best way to go about making a little money from them is to take pictures with certain people in mind that you could offer them to, a specific market if you like. For example, a freind of mine whilst visiting the Met Office in Exeter, took a picture of the sun reflected in the glass frontage of the building and the light defraction of the sun in the glass panels gave the affect of rays radiating from the sun, one of the top men at the Met Office spotted the picture and made my friend a very handsom offer for it, I think this picture, blown up and printed now in large poster size is now in the main lobby of the building. One thing you must do though if you are selling your pics, is to retain your 'copyright' so that only you can say how and by who they can be used unless you yourself give them specific permission. Copyright in itself also has a value. I would at first when offering pics for sale just print out an 'example' print or 'proof' for your client or potential buyer to evaluate for themself and then if you get a firm order then print it on quality photographic paper. You yourself can determine your charges depending on the size of the print and wheather you will supply them framed or not as this will be an extra cost to you that you will need to calculate into your end price.

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