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Croft hall farm


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not had much time to do much on my layout just lately so not much has chnaged from the last pictures.


croft hall farm has been getting ready to plant fodder beet. the 7499 is heading out to the field to begin power harrowing.


the drill is getting filled up with seed on the back of the 6475.


the boss has just got back with the seed in the back of the land rover.


also one of the calf rearing pens are been mucked out


the muck is going out on the maize land which will be getting spread once the fodder beet has been planted ready for the maize to be planted


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What is the little Massey on the slurry scraper?

its a 362 i think

you are making

a great job of croft hall farm ,the buildings you are making look great like the cubicle house , look forward to more pics

yeah that cubicle shed is taking some making, because of the amount of cubicals there are to make :-

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Muck spreading on the maize land has started on croft hall farm. the 7499 will be following the spreaders with the plough.



also the new silage trailer arrived today. the 8690 unloaded the kane trailer and loaded up the old marston trailer it replaced.



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