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Ive been asked to put a few pics of my Fendt 820 on here as someone spotted it lurking in the background of my recent 828 thread ;D

Basically I think the 820 is one of UHs most accurate models todate and my only dislike was the weedy front tyres.

So I changed the fronts for chunkier siku Claas 697s tyres and the rears with JD6920s. In order to get these fitted correctly I needed to raise the cabs floorpan by 2mm (removed screws from cab chassis)

The wheels were then painted Fendt red etc and finally the front weight got painted to. I did this after id seen a local farmers 820 & 936 with red toolbox weights and thought they looked cool 8)





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Hi Paul and thanx for the kind words. I actually decided to leave the orignal wheels in place and just paint them a slightly brighter red.

The Claas front tyres just about work on the fendt rims but I seem to remember that somebody took the time to fit the wheels and tyres of the siku Fendt 718 onto the UH model which is no mean feat!!! The rears would be a little tricky but the fronts very tricky given UHs wheel, mudguard , front axle arrangements and their very fragile construction.

Ive got a big Fendt farm on my doorstop here in the fens and theyve got 936,930,820, 2 new 724s, several 718s and some odds and sods ;D really nice gear.

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i fitted the siku wheels and tyres from a siku 718 onto the uh fendt 820 then applied a pair of henri walker 718 decals to the bonnet,as the 718 and 820 are exactly the same size,wheelbase etc,except for height, the 820 is 3 cms taller,also fendthead did a better effort than me,but for the 820 the siku jd rear tyres and claas front tyres are on order bluegreen



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