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  1. I think i should have cut closer to the bottom of the lettering but he done me a few so might change it over,i thought it would be decals like you get in a kit and the lettering would have slipped off,but the clear background comes off with the lettering
  2. Yes from Henri Joe,still waiting on the dealer bonnet decals and they will be waterslide as are these,but he is extremely busy
  3. MF 8S with the dealer windscreen decals and data tag and warning decals added
  4. eventually you just run out of words to say how good your work is John,really great work
  5. and painted up,just decals to do and exhaust and roof aerial,she is nearly there
  6. rails made by my son in law now fitted,just have to paint them
  7. thankyou Alistair,yes cant move for them now
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