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new holland 8160


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hello i dont know if this is right place for this topic. i have a frend who is looking for a newholland/ ford 8160 dose eny one know were he can get one from or can you or some one make him one thanks aaron

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the only model made of the 8160 by any of the manufacturers would be a 1:16 example made by Ertl! I dont think you will find one for sale in europe though, and even in America they seldom come up for sale, although the price would not be gigantic, about 40-50 pounds i think.

But for a 1:32 example, i'd recommend purchasing the 8560 made by Replicagri, the only exterior difference with an 8160 would be the fuel tank (which is larger on the 8560) i think. Order some 8160 decals from Hollylovestoys, or Agrium or Nigel Ford and your friend will have a very nice detailed model!

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