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My David Browns and other tractors


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Been on here a good wile now and thought i would share some of my tractors with you

an old 995 4wd I bought for parts


990 Implematic this tractor is used nearly every day of the week


I bought this 1290 last year the previous owner had no appreciation for machinery as he drive this one with the thrust bearing gone until it ripped the slide out of the gearbox . I had to split the tractor and take the cab off to put a new thrust bearing slide in.

I am going to tidy the tractor up more in the future


A pic i took last year at my uncles silage his 1210 that i was carting in and my 1690T in the top corner


Another of my uncles silage this time i was carting in the 995 on the 16ft johnston trailer O0



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No idea how many hours they have done but the 1210 was owned by a local contractor and carted silage most of its life the man that owned her was very fond of freewheeling any hill he came to he clutched the tractor :of

As for the 995 i also have no idea as the clock doesnt work on it

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Get the cab off the 995 4WD and preserve it! :police:;) That cab, the VQ2 with the wide doors were only made for one year, 1978/79 and are very rare to find now.

Also the 1290 4WD is a rare tractor, I can't tell you how many were actually produced but it was very few.

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4WD 995/6 production numbers were not that great but there were several hundred, I don't think there were any numbers specifically recorded, they were all included in the total of 995/6 production figures.

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