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john deere 9560r

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i got most of the lights wired today,im at 20 leds and there is still more to go on.got the wheels and engine painted,added hand rails.i should be able to get it built back up tomorrow.


i used slightly thicker wire for the lights on the rear mudguard and only used black because i will bring them back in and make them look like the hydraulic hoses.

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the interior is painted and started feeding all the wires through to the inside of the chassis under the cab ready to start connecting to the switches and battery holders,this has been a wiring nightmare due to all the lights.




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Looking good so far and Siku are nice models to work on arent they.

yes they give you a good solid base to work with.

switches and battery holders are now wired.


it took a bit of time tucking in all the wires and battery holders,placed the switches in and drilled the holles under the model for them then got it all back together.

now its time to weather it but do i make it a little bit dusty or really muddy?im thinking about making a display plinth/diorama for this one.




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