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Benbros started about 1950-53, and was owned by Nathan and Jack Bennison in Walthamstow. Some of their figures are marked 'Benson', others 'Benbros', and some not marked at all.

It appears that Benbros bought some lead moulds from Timpo, probably about 1955, when Timpo changed to plastic, so didn't need most of their lead moulds any more, although they kept a few to produce plastic versions of their previous lead figures.

This is one of the unmarked figures, the man with pitchfork. Unmarked, so you can only tell by the paint. The one at top right is the original Timpo version; note that belt is painted in. The rest are Benbros versions.


Drover, cows, goat, sheep (ex Timpo), swan & angry gander.

Benbros also bought the Timpo standing bull mould. Timpo version marked as such, Benbros version unmarked, but you can see where old mark was obliterated.


Poultry, turkey hen (all marked Timpo, then Benbros) & pigs (original Benbros items)


Benbros didn't effectively switch to plastic production, the only known plastic figures by them being (very rare) copies of Britains/Herald khaki infantry, cowboys & indians.

They did make other toys though, but I don't collect those, so if anyone else here does, perhaps they'd like to continue the thread.

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really interesting topic! thank you for sharing! maybe this would be a nice start of a piece in Model Farmer ?

the only thing from Benbros in my collection is a Ford Ferguson/Ferguson TE that was made in many colours but of which i cant tell much either that they were made by Benbros

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How far this is true I don't know but I was told that the best way to tell the difference between the Timpo and Benbros lead figures and animals etc is that although they look the same, as David says, Timpo invariably marked theirs, Benbros not always did and also Benbros figures retained the seam of the two halves of the mould and were not finished quite as well as Timpo figures, in fact they were quite rough castings under a little magnification. Has anyone got an example of the very rare large scale Timpo cart horse?

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