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Australian Farm Equipment-Other

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Australian built equipment pictures are hard to find and while there are good few manufactures there aren’t as many as there used to be. Some might be pushing boundries for farm equip. First up is an Allfarm Mizzi cane harvester, of which only a handful were sold.


Next is an Austoft cane harvester. Austoft was a Australian company, producing hydrostatic drives and cane harvesters, until it was bought by Case IH to build harvesters under their name, you might be able to see the Austoft name on the big white thing on the back of the harvester. They were built in Aus for a while but now I think they are built in Brazil.



Austoft drives were also used in Horwood Bagshaw 2140 Self Propelled Harvesters, the last combine harvester, also called a header to be built in Aus. Built in South Aus, maybe near where Spud is from.


Shearer 1070 PTO header


Shearer XP88 Self Propelled Header



Road Burner, used to firm up wet dirt/clay roads outback





Massey Ferg 542 Header


Goldacres Crop Cruiser


Caldwell Vale 4WD tractor/truck first 4WD tractor in Aus I think.


Furphy tank.


Connor Shea Auto Header, see if you can tell me the special feature of it.


Lastly, a John Shearer experiment. Didn’t work out though.


More to come another time.



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Heaslip Grouper, used to fill seeders



Sunshine Auto Header, uses a fordson motor


KEW Plot Harvester


Homan Scrub Rake, to make more farming land.


Tea Planter


Tea Harvester


Tree Pruner


I hope you have enjoyed these very different Australian Machines. Thanks for looking.

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Aye David,brilliant stuff,never seen or heard of a "tree pruner" before,and the Connor Shea Auto Header is a comb header isn't it,and it can also be detached from the Ford tractor skid unit so the tractor can again be used as normal,is that a CatD10 on the

Homan Scrub Rake,



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This is all very interesting stuff and I have to say, not one single name in those Australian built machines I have heard of before so a school day for me today.

The feeder house is very high on the 542 I notice and also the HB 2140 has a Gleaner look about it, did it have a lateral rotor like the Gleaner R series or was it inline or even straw walker?

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Deere-est: HB 2140 SP has straw walkers.

Catkom3: You are correct about the Connor-Shea header, you can use the tractor as normal.

Have not seen the 1300HP D11 before, I only included the pic of the dozer because to the blade/rake in front of it that is built for Aus scrub clearing.

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