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  1. Hot wire saves a helluva work, No static polystyrene saw dust absolutely everywhere, I'm sure the one I have was nowhere near the price of that one. Regards Joe.
  2. Good luck on the project James, I used to use a hot wire cutter to shape styrene on my diorama's , The cordless ones are quite handy not haveing a cable lyeing all over the place, Regards Joe.
  3. There's a guy from Newmacher used to make them, But don't know if he still does, Regards Joe.
  4. Rick at Modelfarmer should be able to sort you out Callum, https://www.modelfarmer.co.uk/implements/silage-harvesters Regards Joe.
  5. Back in that era John "most" reg's with an S in them were Scottish, there were a few exception, Fife as I recall was FG, But check them all out here, There was a similar setup in Wales where most Welsh registrations had a W in them. https://www.drivearchive.co.uk/regcodes.htm Regards Joe.
  6. SF was one of the registrations allocated to Edinburgh, back in the 70's the city was awash with S&N wagons,If you scroll down on this page you will see a very typical truck that was common sight back then a Bedford TK in the Maroon livery of S&N. https://public.fotki.com/Scottishtruckphotos/scottish-trucks/edinburgh__the_loth/general_haulage/scottishnewcastlebr/?view=roll#7 Note the reg OSF 451 M, A wee bit earlier than your nash. Regards Joe.
  7. If that reg number is authentic there is every chance that would have been a dray wagon for Scottish & Newcastle brewery's Fountain Bridge brewery in Edinburgh. Regards Joe.
  8. Here it is through Google translate, But I don't think that will work via a hyperlink, Just copy / paste it in Google yourself, Simple enough to do.? https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=nl&tl=en&u=https://www.farmmodels.nl/Rups-Stel-/-Tracks Regards Joe.
  9. Ben, Henry Selten seems to have them, Maybe you could get a set through Many at HLT, https://www.farmmodels.nl/Rups-Stel-/-Tracks Regards Joe.
  10. This stuff is perfect for filling holes in a variety of materials Jan. https://www.firestormgames.co.uk/revell-plasto-bodyputty,-25ml Regards Joe.
  11. It's sooo easy John, Here you go, https://farmtoysforum.com/topic/27383-new-holland-clayson-1530/ Regards Joe.
  12. Plenty chain here Sean, And your neck of the woods I think, https://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/cgi-bin/ss000001.pl?page=search&SS=chain&PR=-1&TB=O&ACTION=Go! Regards Joe.
  13. I always meant to get one, but never translated it to look into it further, There were two McCormick binders working on the farm where I grew up, they were last in this area to move over to combines, JDC has one in his collection, Not sure if he still maintains his web site as him and Maureen moved up to Portsoy a couple of years ago. Regards Joe.
  14. Tekno Bygg Andy.?? Regards Joe
  15. The Ever Given is still in the Suez being held ransom until someone pays the compensation money, I very much doubt it will ever leave as the compensation will be astronomical. Regards Joe.
  16. Waxing lyrical there James, A very pleasant read, Regards Joe.
  17. You'll like the Krampe hook lift trailer, well detailed and heavy it's all diecast, But to operate it as a tipper you need to take two wee phillips screws out from underneath, But once you do that it's like trying to hold a well oiled jellyfish, There is also a little pin in the bag with the wheel chock's That goes in the spine of the hook lift to hold it in position. Regards Joe.
  18. That' very interesting David, I was unaware Trilex produced model tractors, I had thought the only thing they had ever done was a 1/50th model of the biggest bulldozer ever produced, The ACCO dozer only one ever made with two 675 Cat V8's 1350HP, And the machine never turned a wheel / track in anger,?? Regards Joe.
  19. Those must be by Henri are they, White on clear is tricky,?? Regards Joe.
  20. Schuco may well do the others and maybe a yellow version as well, But I reckon if ERTL do one it will look better in the metal, Regards Joe.
  21. I've been hopeing for years now that someone would produce a model of the 4166, and was pleased when I saw Schuco were going with this one until I read it was static and resin, And just did not look "right" plus it's very expensive for what you get, I did see somewhere there was a rumour ERTL were going to produce one as well, Here's hopeing. Regards Joe.
  22. Another lovely Volvo Pete, Regards Joe.
  23. If you go to the shop. take a good look around, My local model boat shop came in handy for 3pt linkage top links in various sizes, The boat folk call them Bottle screws, https://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/cgi-bin/ss000001.pl?SO=1_3_4_0&TB=O&GB=O&SS=brass bottle screw&SX=0&PR=-1&SO=1_3_4_0&SS=brass+bottle+screw&SX=0&PN=1 Regards Joe.
  24. Just get a roll of this, Down your way in Cornwall, paint it the colour you need, Sorted, https://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/Model-Technics-Trimline-White-P5523674.html#SID=844 Regards Joe.
  25. There's already a John Deere 4020 with a Hiniker cab, I used one to put on my Autodrome County 1454, https://www.farmtoysforum.com/forum/topic/14307-autodrome-county-1454with-a-wee-twist/?tab=comments#comment-379031 Regards, Joe.
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