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UH 1/16th County super 4 forestry tractor

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Freshly back from the woods for a bit of an overhaul is this county super 4 tractor, it hasn't had an easy life, along with the other major based tractors down in the valley but being 4wd is a real bonus over the other tractors in the fleet ;) .

Tractor just a standard super 4 but with the addition of a full set of wheel weights and a rollbar for if things get a bit silly on some of the steeper banks, the winch is a general purpose skidding winch thats 3 point linkage mounted, of no particular manufacture, but built out of plasti-card and given a used and abused look.

A couple of pics and more to go up when overhaul complete,

Hope you guys like it! :)


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Thanks for the comments guys :) glad you appreciate my work.

Yes Wil UH stuff is fragile but with a bit of care they aren't too bad plus the odd bit that gets knocked off and glued back on helps create the weathered and battered and abused look ;)

Some of the older stuff a bit more character about it Sjonnie, and thanks Lexi glad you like!

No trick photography Chris, all my weathered tractors are done by hand with Games Workshop (citadel) colour washes, and solid colours. the washes are like really thinned paint or more like more thinner than paint then as you brush it on it leaves a film that as it evaporates leaves the colour behind, the more coats the stronger the colour :)

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