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Another manufacturer themed thread for others here to add their own figures.


The Pixyland Manufacturing Company started up at Stoke Newington in 1921.

F Kew & Company started up at Brockley, south-east London in 1926.

F Kew bought out Pixyland in 1931. They continued to use some Pixyland models, but as few items from either company are marked, and few illustrated catalogues or boxed sets have been found by present day collectors, it is difficult to determine a specific origin of many, which is why collectors always lump the two companies together.

F. Kew, like all their competitors, ceased toy production in 1940 because of the war, and probably weren't revived, although that is not entirely clear. What is now known, which adds further complications when trying to sort out 'who made what', is that Timpo bought some Pixyland/Kew moulds (bought directly? or via Stoddart? another complication) and produced them circa 1948-54.

One can sometimes make a good guess when and who made items by their paint style and apparent age.

4 photos of their farm/garden range, and one of their hunt figures:


And lastly, their large scale poultry figures.

Note bottom right, a standard Britains lead hen to show size, and the large brown hen balancing on its own feet (i.e. no base) next to it is an 'unknown'. Made in France? Germany? USA? Does anyone know?


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