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three q's

1.how does it work

2.does the drum slide out or is it an extension

3.where is your  yard because the number plate has bbx on the end and carmarthen has bbx

please  :D

Question 1

The drum rotates in a clockwise direction turning the round bale against the rotor (pic) which breaks up the straw, feeds it through the chopping knives and the blows it through the chute basically. Much like a flywheel forage harvester.


The drum is stationary and does not slide out, the yellow drum is the standard teagle drum, the red one is what we have fitted for hesston and 2 round bales. You have to half cut the net wrap before loading the bale into the drum, then precisely load half the bale into the drum before cutting of the other half of the netwrap ;)


Never you mind ;)

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thanks ncc

dont worry i wasnt going to come to you just wondering if had come from the newholland dealer that we get ours from, his name gwilli jones carmarthen ???

Where in Derbyshire ;) ;)

The tractor is from Malpas Tractors in Wrexham I think, so not too far from Carmarthen ;) ;)

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