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NH and drill


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Done OK so far Jase. Considering it was under the drill since 1992!

Really worked well this year as it was dry and i could more or less follow the plough. Clocked up about 400 acres with it on and my welding seems OK  :o

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Your land must be light John as its unusual to see someone drilling with power harrows min till style

Nah! That's after 2 passes with cultivator!

Lovely photo's as is what I have come to expect John, do I see a spec of dirt on the nearside step though?? Tut tut young man, to the wash bay quick sharp!!!  ;):D;D

Bl**dy seagulls  :)

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Before her I had an MF 3085 which was big enough at the time to pull 4furrows and drive the 3m Khun/Accord. The 3065 used to race around ahead of it with a power harrow and then roll after.

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