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Grainstore and Dryer


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Cheers F-P. The blue machine is an Alvan Blanch batch mixerwith a red roller mill on top. You tip barley into the hopper and then you roll the barley then it goes into the batch mixer, you can also add protein pellet and minerals through the grill at the back and it gets augered over the railway sleeper wall where it gets picked up with the loader and either gets put into the mixer wagon or fed adlib to bull beef.  Hope this has explained it a bit. There are two baseboards, one is 3ft x 20 inches and the other is 3ft x 15 inches. There is a join running down the middle wall you can just see it by  the intake pit. :) :) :)

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Another well made and detailed building Graham, like all the detail you have put into the roller and grain dryer. It must take you hours to do, but it's well worth it with a creation like that. Very, very, very nice ;) It's is a bit of a problem alright modelling in 1/32 space soon runs out. To make the most of the space I have you have to cross my layout to get to the other end. But hopefully I'll start my garage soon and have a bit more space.

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Ouch!! I just raised the computor desk Kevin and Perry stylee!!!

Thats excellent, I have to pull my finger out. I have most of what I need to get a grain store up and going but I don't want to get too far ahead when the old layout isn't finished yet.. . .  And after the hassle I have had I am in no way giving up on New Zealand plans now, the anly alternative is for you to stop building in my absence Graham, how does that sound?!!  :D :D

Love the detail like the grain walling and the drier and stuff, brilliant.

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