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  1. Sean, wooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!! only pop on here to keep up with this!! haha Still going strong i see, and those blocks as well
  2. nice popping in now and again Sean to see how its still being worked on!. I had to bin all my sheds i made years ago, there were just collecting dust in the loft....models....well they are still up there, out of sight out of mind! .....should really get them sold! see the scaloox is still there.....not heard from Tris since i sold it to you!
  3. No updates.whats going on!! still nice to see the scaloox in action....has Tris recovered yet since i gave it all to you!
  4. At the mid Somerset show today :)

  5. Well done Sean, now means after all these years hiding in man holes you can do less work
  6. very nice Sean, very nice....white thing in last photo, old Standen beet harvester??
  7. haha....even a blank board in your loft was further than i got!.....
  8. my new AEG arrived.....ooops wrong forum! haha i mean popping back and browsing the collections.... could also really do with taking Harry to Spalding as haven't been for a while but bathroom renovations wont allow
  9. good, glad your still involved..... still got my collection although tbh i haven't bought anything for years and trying to get Andy to sell it on, Harry has some of the 'older' bits but nothing new, looking like Britians finally stepped up the game last few years and seem able to let him have a few models without fear of breaking them!
  10. Sean what's happening, not many updates..... have you turned into me and just have no time!!!! ps putting collection up for sale
  11. mmmmm tasty!!! Cant believe you have kept it up this long! Looking great still Sean!
  12. i really should come back more often.....

  13. Sean even though they are a few years old, they look great still!!
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