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Some pictures of my collection


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What a cracking collection! What scale is the scaledown TM then?  :)

Glad you all like the collection.

My criteria for collecting tractors is they are all 1/32 scale and all have cabs.

Most importantly i will only buy models that i will like looking at!!

The TM 155 is 1/32 scale.

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Very nice collectio there Richo  ;)

Whats the blue model on the far right on the TW shelf  ???

That model is the New Ray Ford tractor. It came with a horrid muck grab so i replaced it with a bale spike.

Have kept the muck grab so it can be refitted if they happen to go up in value! ;D ;D

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what a collection maybe someday i will have a collection like that  :) :) :) :)

I have been collecting for about 13 years now. Unfortunatley my early Britains models are without boxes as i wasn't interested in them and didn't know better and disposed of them >:( :'(.

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Thanks for all the nice comments, I think it is worth spending a little time and money displaying the models as it brings out the best in them and because i enjoy them more that way.

It,s a shame that at the moment I haven't got room to have the UH Krone Big M and X out of their boxes.

Excellent collection you have there, nice cabinets too!  Is there any chance you could do some close up pics of the DBP County 1884, That looks the business. Cheers.

As requested I have taken some pictures of the 1884 but will post them in YOUR MODEL VEHICLES in the County section. Enjoy. :)

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looking good indeed!!!! Good variety and smart cabinets. Did you make them yourself?

Do you collect other farm stuff besides Tractors?

The two tall cabinets were bought and the other one was made by myself. Mostly collect tractors but do have a few bits of machinery, think i will be addin g to the machinery collection having seen the new UH stuff!  ;D ;D

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