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  1. Jack Campbell is the guy you mean I think Very talented and was only 15 back then made me shed loads but has very limited time these days
  2. He is proper stuck in his seat Joe Well who would want to leave a Ford 😘
  3. Always so difficult for collectors to decide what to focus on but my namesake choose very well here fair play
  4. That is the very same photo the dealers were sent to market the model 😮 Let's hope the final product is slightly amended
  5. Here are some of the classic JD's built up for those you of yet to have ever seen
  6. So as some of you will know Browns are back Here are photos of the built up version of the 1937 Ferguson Brown Model A in rubber and spade versions I may know a handsome chap who these can be purchased from 😘
  7. http://privat.bahnhof.se/wb616757/
  8. Love these Sadly they no longer are around i always check their website http://privat.bahnhof.se/wb616757/ Cen Davies took the last of the stock and i think he still has some
  9. Good find chubs I am pretty sure someone back in the day had one on here also from NA Don't think it was pops, it may of been featured in the evil Bazza Marky stories of old ?
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