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Quicks Customs (includes items from members posts)



This topic is for those titbits that get lost in members posts. Also if you have a quick idea on how to make something PM me and I'll add it also. If it's intricate please feel free to create your own post :) In this section :)

I am going to lock the topic so it doesn't get jumbled up with OT and comments :)

First up

Spuds.........mustard seeds (courtesy of FB)

I have also used cow beans (North America) member of the black eyed pea family


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Courtesy of Richard De Florennes

Don't now if this is a new or great idea, but I made the "carrots" out of rice drown in orange paint.

The grean stuff is available in most dedicated (train) Modell shop, the grown carrot plants are made of "Iceland Moos".


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Courtesy of Graham

The bales are the same size as britains ones but they are tree stakes the machined type then i added pva and dipped in sawdust then sprayed yellow and a blast of brown the pics do them no justice they look good in the real well i think they do the silage ones are wrapped in gling film and sprayed got hundred out of two stakes so ?6


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Courtesy of TBF (But tested by Deere-est  :D :D)

Galvanized Tin

Matt black slapped on the corrugated card a little bit sparingly so as not to have it to thick. No worries if it is a bit streaky. Leave it to dry which doesn't take lnog as the card soaks up the moisture. In doing so the card contorts though so either cut bigger than needed and clamp down flat or press flat once the paint is dry.

With the paint dry and the card straight, take a narrow brush and some silver paint and maje scrappy untidy brush strokes up and down the corrugations. Each time giving it a fairly good wipe with a rag to dull it down.

Once this is done do the same with a rust colour in patches at your discretion.


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Roof Tiles (Courtesy of Deere-est)

Did ten minutes at a time over the course of the evening. It don't half make you squint.

Here's how it's done -

Apply even layer of glue (PVA type) to surfaces and leave to dry.

Once dry, rub down any lumps with fine sand paper.

Mix up some Polyfilla to a reasonably thick consistency.

Apply to surfaces with paint scraper or similar untill an even covering is achieved.

With a straight edge (ruler or similar) dip in water and grade across surface in horizontal and verticle directions. Any hollow areas fill in with a thinner mix of.Polyfilla

Repeat grading untill smooth surface is achieved.

Leave to go hard.

When hard mark up either end of roof every 5mm, score lines along roof with scissor point or similar. (nothing to sharp as you want a groove not a cut)

Now the detailing, I used a flat blade tool. Etch in tile edges about 3 - 4 mm apart (mine will be slate type) all the way along staggering the rows so that the first line you do is the same as the third row and the second row is the same as the forth row you do.

Build up ridges with more Plolyfilla once the tiling is all done. Either point it or round it off depending on which ridge tiles you wish to depict.

Leave to go hard.

Etch in the edges as before with a flat blade - do not push into the Polyfilla too hard as it is thick and make break away. Lightly score each edge softly 4 or 5 times. Mine are 5 - 6 mm apart.

Voila and Hey Presto!!



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Concrete Yard (Courtesy of Deere-est)

Smear on the Polyfilla and spread it till it is roughly even and covering all the base. Grab a ruler or similar narrow edged tool, wet it and tamper it in whicheer direction the water should run. Wet the rulers edge every now and again and also keep wiping off any Poly it picks up. Then when you have done this two or three times wait for it to dry. As it becomes more viscous but not yet dried out, use something circular (I used a length of plastruct) wet it and drag through the Poly leaving a trough for drainage. If it goes crooked or something, don't panic. . . .wet the ruler, reetamper it and wait for it to dry slightly then try again.



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