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Had this for a while now

bought her off ebay before


so I dicided to butcher her up

and make her 2WD thanks to some parts

and cheers sparrowlegs  ;) ;)

she aint finnished yet i need a cab also ive run out of blasck spray I might chop the front weights off her aswell 


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you might be able to get a cab from dt he does 956/856 's so he might be able to sell you a cab. looking good so far. my mate has just done one with mtx wheels  ,siku hitc does look good mate

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Yep i can souce the cabs cheers

I was thinking of doing a IH 956 out of her  but that would mean cutting

the CASEIH grill off from the origional chassis and i dont know if

henri does the older IH 956 bonnet and grill

But a 2wd CASEIH 956 xl is Quite rare i suppose

Also I wouldnt mind changing the rear wheels as those ertl ones

dont do CASE or IH model tractors any jusice

just a dillema depending on parts

          IH 955 XL

or CASEIH 956 XL    :-\

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i think dt does a 955 which would giive you the bonnet you want  but i think its just a decal on the front . if henri can't help this is a option maybe? got to get henri's new list . we have both 2wd's  down this way on farms in the area . if i had the 784 i would do the ih 956 so they would match but i have the case ones so i would do the case one. or look out for another one and have  both thats it do both ;D

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I want a good knaCKERD 956


i was going to split this one but never had the heart to  :-\

i always think in the end " i can replace those parts" and make

her almost as go as before  :-\ :'(

so if i had the fenders for a 956 xl i could make a 785xl

as i have cut my ertl 784 in half for the engine bay (going to cast that bit)

as for the 784s rear i might make a 674 by taking the white top off the

cab and thinning down the rear pillars of the cab  then just a case (CASE  ;D no pun intended )of refabricating some modeling clay on

the naked engine bay of a cast 784 to a 674 :-\ :-\

easyer said than done  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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