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    anything britains late 60s to early 80s farm orientated and IH paticulatly the World Wide Series

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  1. No John I've tried to cast a new different rear wheel to go on my IH 275 using the rear centre wheel off a atlas editions Ted 20 and using the front tires off a if Britain's 956 4wd would go well but look at all the flash the mould leaves behind ...might dremmel it off I dunno ha The 165 I would lengthen the height of a Britain's 135 rear fenders to fit the 165/595 chassis the bad part is how to make a good bonnet and nose cone for a 165 the one in the above pick is the best I've seen home made hate a 1080 uh or martyrs farm models 165
  2. Drove both 6600 and a 6506 think the latter never had a turbo l nice tractors still the 6600 was pulling a grimme continental
  3. Looks like the one from collage that replaced the cih 1394 4wd with a quikie loader very nice
  4. So when are the new Ford 6600s going to come out ???? Cheers Nigel
  5. Your super major 5000 the shell fenders are the the same as would be on a 2000 or 3000 as I'm thinking of making a pre force 3000 Cheers nige
  6. Hi mate I've also wonderd the same The two row elevator digger was perfect as at the time you could have unlimited pickers in the field but back breaking work ..my mum says she attributes her back pain to spud bashing in the 70s and 80s but said it waa a good laugh The ransom harvester I dunno from what I see you had 2 maybe 3 pickers was it more effective I wish Britain's did the 2 row elevator one myself
  7. Ace mate Sorry I ain't been on here myself for ages I've now got rubber and resin I hope to do wheels and other stuff that above tractor reminds me of the 585 4wd that our college bought with quickie loader to replace the f reg 4wd 1394 I loved both of these tractors if I remember the 585 was shuttle transmission love your builds John
  8. Are your front steering axrls casted resin john they look the bees knees it all looks teriffic as always mate
  9. She looks ready to do some subsoiling when we get a break just ro get the turbo whistling sean
  10. This will be good I do have a marshall cab and floorpan with aircon unit if you like will u be useing the 1494 bonnet for future projects as i have a 1210 britains chassis and ertl david brown 1690 cab cab
  11. Ok for the prairie mobster fans stick a tard wont turn in ot even get through a gate in most British farm life
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