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Can anyone explain


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Right lads big explanation needed - can anyone out there outline all the Claas combines from the Matadors up to the Dominator 6 series and also the differences between them - very confusing with Senator and Dominator 85's and Senator and Protector 60's etc :D :D

Thanks ;)

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your best bet would be to talk to your local class delar they might be able to help and explan a bit more and whit more easy than use lot

I think if you went into them they would look at you as if you had horns sticking on top of your head  :D :D

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i have a renault on the farm so i go in there a lot plus i have a class dominator on the farm so have them out a lot they would be more than happy to help you 

No, I think nashers is right there, they only want to know about new ones, especially if your not a regular customer, I dont think they'd want you wasting their time. So, is anyone going to have a stab at it??

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