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Earlier Model Ferguson Tractors. TE20 Up.


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Here is the Langley Models TE20 and 2 furrow plough that is a white metal kit that I built up last year. The plough comes seperate from the plough, the tractor kit is around ?30 and the plough around ?14. I found these kits in a toyfair last year for ?30 the pair which was a good price. Both peices are all white metal including the tractor tyres. It is aproximately 1:48 scale and on the build intruction sheet it says that it is '0' scale. Both are very fiddely to build as only a minute amount of glue is needed to sick the parts together, a very steady hand and a very fine pair of tweezers. I hope that you will agree with me that it is a very accurate representation of the TE20 and plough considering it's size of scale.

I'm sure that we would all like to see some of the members earlier Ferguson models in this topic, say up to the 185.





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Some exelent models ther Marky.

I will post up a few more of mine over time. In the meantime here is the 'Hatchette' 35X made by UH in 1:43.

You may have seen this one before as it was posted elsewhere.




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Here are half a dozen more of the Fergies in my collection.

This first one is the second in the series and the only one that I have of these, G&M Models 1:16 scale Ferguson 35. This model was a limited production of 157 units (bit of an odd number!) and this particular one is number 04. An awesome model with exellent detailing, the only thing that lets it down for me is that the rear tires are too wide, unless they were meant to be 'oversize', the bonnet tips forward and you can lift the battery out. Someone on here must have the T20 and the others.


This next one is the Dinky Massey ferguson that replaced the Massey Harris in 1966 and was in production until 1971, being different from the Harris in having a yellow plastic exhaust and front wheels, plastic driver and rubber tires with Massey Ferguson decals. The seat was ommited on this model.


We must include the Corgi 65 of 1959 to 1966. There are several variations of this model, some have a darker red bonnet with a silver metal steering wheel and red metal wheels, others have a bright red bonnet with a grey plastic steering wheel. This one has the dark bonnet with the slightly rarer pinky fawn engine and red plastic wheels. All have a silver seat but there is another with a red seat and the rarest one to look for has a copper seat.


Then there is the Corgi MF50B (industrial) from 1974 to 77. The gift set included a trailer with a 'loose' hay load with two figures on the top but the tractor had no loader. I have an example of this as well.


This little model is an interpretation of a T20 from Benbros just listed as a 'Ferguson Tractor'. Believed to have been produced before 1955 and came in various colours, some with an implement and one with a cab and loader.


Last one for now, to give everyone else a chance, my Scaledown 65. I think this one is the MK11. Some of their kits at this time were beginning to decline somewhat in quality but considerably improved again as I believe the company was taken over by someone else. Not much more to add about this model.


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WOWSERS  :o - All the ones I want  :P

I do have the 50b... but mine is without the loader  :-\ - Have you got the early Matchbox 3303's in Orange and Yellow as well PR  ???

Don't think I have Marky. Would like to see some pics of them though so's I know what to look for.

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