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Claas Jaguar SF 80 Self Propelled Forager

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Saw this on E bay and have been watching it to see how much it went for, bearing in mind that it must be as rare as the real thing was.

    My uncle had one in 1976, as did another local Contractor.  ::) Nigel Ford has some pictures of the real machine owned by Mike Cushing. (Related to Peter Cushing, the actor I believe?) These were the original Claas self propelled forager, fitted with a V 10 Deutz engine. It's likely that not many of you have seen one of these before and I have to say that they are quite a good representation of the real machine.  ;) It's sad that this particular model was made in 1/43 scale, not 1/32.

    Take a good look at this machine, as it wouldn't be the hardest in the world to make a scratch build of it bearing in mind that it is a very angular shape and it would be possible to use a grass header off a later  model in its construction. I would like some of Nigel's pictures as I'd like to have a go at scratch building one myself. Anyone else fancy a go. It would look really great in a 70's diorama or collection. :-*

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i think a farmer out at broadwndsor has a couple of SF 70's ? could well be 80's , will see if i can get out that way to see if i can get some pics oneday

We (Sussex Tractors) had an SF 60 cabless forager out on demo at the time when we sold the two to contractors, but I've not seen any pictures of them since. I think they were fitted with a 6 cylinder Mercedes engine. Would like to know if anyone has any pictures of one of these. As far as I know there was only the 60 and eighty although it was a long time ago and I could be wrong about the 60, it may have been a 70.? ;)
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