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CASE puma 210 uk spec

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Seeing as this model has just hit the shelves in UK I thought now would be good time to start review ;)  Its easier to start with bad points as I only have afew grumbles.  Firstly the hitch design has not changed and therefore cannot hold up even slightly heavy implements >:(  Also the absence of a driver is annoying. I added my own (with difficulty) although steering wheel is to big and gets in the way. Its also a fast steer version st/wheel which is supposedly only a NH option (oops)

On plus point side scale of toy seems spot on and tin work & paint are very good :)  Mirrors lights ,exhaust , beacons all present & correct.

Particular praise is reserved for wheels & tyres :D  these are chunky and far far nicer than britains recent efforts ;D  The general quality is better than my recently purchased Claas 657 UH model (very wonky cab & roof >:()

With the addition of a bar axle on rear wheels a change of beacons(should be easy) some concrete dust on tyres and a mobile phone aerial on roof it should look excellent.  MARKS?    Just like the stunning real tractor id give it 9/10 

But it will be competing with T7000 for one of the ltd places on the carpet farm  :D  let the battle commence :D

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Nice model, think i will be investing in one of these from what ive seen on here, thanks for the review.

One thing though.....does the driver need longer legs? I'm guessing that he is still made from 1970's castings, people have got talling since then  :P

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Agree that its a good model - possibly one of the best recent ones from Britians. Only two gripes - firstly that the roof detail is wrong - should be a 'overhead vision panel' like on the MXU, and secondly that there should be extended arches on over the rears. All in all though a good one. :) :)

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