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David Brown 1200 jurring restoration.

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Hello Rich.

The modern DBs 90s and 94s are alot different the older tractors use drum brakes crash gearboxes and so on the syncromesh gearbox came out in 1972 when the 90s came out they were the most modern looking machines around and the new models had new features such as disc brakes the luxury of the secura cab new operating design features increases in horse power the new 6 cylinders came out in 1980 as well with the first been the 1690 new casting differences ect.. ect.. you would have to say get a 1210 and a 1490 and compare the two to each other

The 1210 is 72 horse power the 1490 is 83 the 1490 has a beffed up engine compared to the 1210 with the turbo comes a bigger crank shaft turbo charged pistons valves ect..

So the simple answer is there alot different.


DB1410 ;)

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