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found a RC2 ford 5000


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yep the day has arrived

i went to ellesmere none in stock

      also  llangollen none in stock

      gave up went to wrexham the peoples market again

1 left from a batch he bought in last week

he said theyre selling like hot cakes  no wonder i cant get one

they dont stay on the shop shelves that long  :-\ but understood that lots of small dealers arnt getting a lookin

any way back to the model

its a good reputation of a 70s classic tractor

likes more detail (well to me there is)

the price if you read CT oct you will know this is value for money

its a break from the norm ok its not a IH but im glad this years tractor

wasnt another deere or prairy monster sorry lads  its a british classic

a big improvement on the origional just look at the front grill ,stunning

yet keeping loyal with the origional collectors it aint a rehash of a 60s-70s model ,its compleatly new im impressed  ::);) ;)


quality issues like the midle sagging

roumours of missplaced decals Ive had other model manufacturers

with the same issues (so what.... look at UH major)

no steering

linkage doesent funtion like it used to

ive tried it on a few old impliments rake haybob NH bailer

seem ok

all in all a very good model

would i buy a few more ?? definately at ?12 you cant go wrong

will i buy the ford 1000 family from RC2  ?? i will get a full house


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