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Cutting the rest of my (almost organic) barley


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Pretty much the same as before, but a few more pics, more weeds, and worse barley ::) ::)::)

Sorry if its boring/repetitive :-\

The barley on the divider is left on for effect ::);):P:






The view from here:



All finished (phew! :-\):



Not the most even stubble, but i was trying to get ears and not weeds:


The Belarus and trailer help out collecting all 7! ::) :'( sacks:





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That is one thing that annoys me is when something grabs on thedividor and drags like hell then  >:( >:(

You break even then Chris :D :D

Erm well I got 525kg off of it alltogether :-\ as this second lot I tried to just cut the ears off to minimise the amount of weeds going in (might have got an extra 50kg or so if not). Also, if it had all been cut in August as I hoped I expect I would have got another 350kg+ :-\

how much barley do you do every year  ???:) and when is the claas lexion 600 with 30 ft header coming  ;) ;) :D:) but i like that combine somthing about it  :)

This was the first year I grew any, I guess about an acre.

Lexion 600 next year ::) ::)::)

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