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Amazone Cirrus Drill


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Hi all here are a couple of pics of the demo drill we had the other week!

It is a 4m Amazone Cirrus cultivator drill!

I was pulling it with my Mx220 which was on top of the job most of the time!

Would make a nice model don't you reckon?

Enjoy! James

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Not sure what to do about it ??? The only problem i found was havin the tank so far forward there was a lot of weight on the back of the tractor and she was leaving quite a foot print! I think if it had a drawbar press like the vaderstad if would be better!

We are hoping to demo a new vaderstad as they take some beating! They have changed quite a bit from the 1 we have and that is only on its 3rd season!We demo'd a 4m simba horsch last year but the boss wasn't keen the final result was beta with the vaderstad! And you can't beat a vaderstad for getting a nice seed bed to control black grass!

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