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Maize Ploughing Started

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Looking good Luke......Is that a large Fendt decalled weight box on the front mate?

Don't worry about having the same set-up I've been using the same ruddy 3 furrow plough for as long as I can remember, it's gone from the 6635 to the 8360 to the TM140 to the TS135-A to the T6070 and still going strong...... :D;)

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Yes Mart, it is a large decaled weight on the front!

On a home made front linkage!

I expect it will carry on for a few more years yet, I have some smaller rooms fields, which it will be needed as the new UH Lemken is far to big!  :D

A local contractor up here has a big Fendt weight box too......Impressive sight on the front of his 818...... :P

I'm determined to splash out on this new Agrar Toy KV next year though to treat the TS135-A...... ;)

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But what will the poor old 3 furrow do  :-[:D

I agree, will look smart won't it, and get it don in the half the time.

I'll keep the three furrow for the end rigs just so it doesn't get rusty...... :D;)

Plus the fact it will top of my "real farm based set up since they use the TS-A with the KV and not a 3 furrow "Blue Thing......  ;D

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Look foward to the pics of it in use then! Will the TSA Hitch hold it up  :-\

I like using the same equipment year after year! Hd that Fendt since I was like 6/7 I believe  :)

Should hold it up hopefully......If not I'll get the reliable old TM out...... ;)

Just like me and my TX66 combine then, never let me down in all these years and has managed to keep out the CX's and CR's that I've bought, from taking over the main harvesting role...... ;)

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The only other ploughing tractor I had, was a Ford 5610 with britains front and back plough set! Didn't last long, then this fendt took over with a 3 furrow blue britains plough and in like 1999 I think it was I bought the Lemken!

Yeah I like your TX66 Mart! Don't retire it yet!

I'm hoping to keep it going for another year or so yet and then if the high grain prices keep up I'll maybe get another one but keep her in the shed...... ;)

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