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Farming action near Neuss and M?nchengladbach, 2007-11-24

Richard de Florennes

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Thanks to the very nice feedback regarding my last few topics in this forum, I feeld myself encouraged to continue (though fields tend to become rather lonely, as most work of the year as been done now ...). So this might be one of my last photo topics until next March  :'(

Regarding yesterday, a 50 miles round-tour leading from my home-village near Neuss to my parents home near M?nchengladbach and back that Saturday afternoon offered quite a lot of photo opportunities (using two cameras - my own and my company camera ;-) while my three-year-old son spend some hours on various Deutz and John Deere tractors ;-)

For me, yes, I repeat myself, as an absolute row-crop fan this was one of the best days of this year, especially as I desperately searched for two-stage beet harvesting systems (which was not successul until this day, when I found two times the most eagerly anticipated offset beet harvesting system :-))))

Here, for a beginning, something a have never seen before and not ever knewn of its existance:

Harvesting or more exactly: digging, chives complete with root-bales for planting back next year!



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Thanks to the fact that I had to "loose" half an hour watching horses on the farm belonging to the STOll harvester, I found this loading bunker of unknown make (probably BLEINROTH or RATIONAL) towed by a Deutz tractor (here a photo made while driving), indicating that two-stage beet harvest might be going on somewhere, so I followed here 15 minutes until ...


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(Ladies and) Gentlemen, let me please introduce my personal highlight of the farming season 2007: Johne Deere in the 2-stage sugar beet harvesting system, my favourite tractor brand, my favourite field crop, my favourite harvesting system - here we go:

The beet harvester is also made by KLEINE, but this system is devided between topper in front and the beet lifter back of the tractor, as the tractor thus drives through remaining rows of topped beets, row crop whees are required for this purpose, making this affair even more attractive in my eyes.



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