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U.H. 1:43rd Scale .


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These are now coming in. They are the same models released for the French Hachette Company that were in the plastic 'bubble' carton on a black plastic plinth with the name and date of tractor.

These have now been generally released in a 'country' box and are on a black plinth as the Hachette ones but have a perspex cover forming a display case and the case is slightly larger. There is no 'window' on the box.

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what are the chances of UH releaseing later versions of David Brown

and International

I ask this as a few members seem to think that RC2 have exclusive rights

to the CASEINTERNATIONAL brand name but if UH are fetching out

a DB Cropmaster surely its posable they might fetch out DB IH classics

and im sure UH make a farmal  ;):-\ :'(

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Great News, I'll be having a few of them then, any idea of a release date? Might have a go removing one of those awful square fronts and making a Petrol/TVO model. Not trying to be greedy but fingers crossed for a 1:16 Cropmaster!

There are several models already available. I have the Power Major, E27N, plus a few more. These are presented, or should I say packaged in a perspex display case on a black plinth with the make,name and year of first release of the real tractors, all in a regular type outer box.

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