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Rare Danish Super 6 brochure (no County), sorry MF boys...

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When looking through my Ford brochure collection I found this rare Ford Super 6 brochure. Based on a Ford 6600 and fitted with a 8700 engine. Also has a flat deck Hara cab. This one is the ultimate on high horsepower in a small chassis :D.

Thought it was time to show some rare Ford brochures instead of the MF brochures showing up ;D ;D.

Regards, Jack.

Ps. more will follow

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What a delicious looking tractor.  :P :P :-* The 8700 engine was better suited to agricultural work than the Ford 'D' series engine, although it had a good following, and was very popular with its buyers. I like the cab flat floor too. I wonder how many were made and where they were sold. S.E.M. (South Essex Motors) did some conversions to Fords that were very similar, and they also did a Ford 4610T. (Sex on wheels)

    One thing I really hated about the Ford Motor Company; when I sold farm equipment; was that they would never listen to the dealers when we told them we wanted a lightweight six cylinder tractor. They said there was no demand for them. Wa**ers........... how come we lost so many sales to John Deere with the 3130. When they gave us what we asked for; it was always a watered down version of what we really wanted until the 7810 arrived. They could easily have fuelled it up to 115HP or higher still and had the ultimate tractor at the time.

    The commercial side was the same with the Ford Cortina pickup (Ute). They were made and sold in South Africa with the 2.3 litre V6 in them. Ford's begrudgingly sold them here with a detuned 2.0 litre engine and no option of a diesel engine. They were like spoiled children to deal with.  >:(:(

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