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john deere 6410

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at 4:30 today i had a jd 6410 and a jd 5820 sitting next to each other and by 7:00 they had become 1

i started by removing the front wheels from both tractors and then removing the front axel from the 5820.

i had to cut off the mudgards so that the wheels from the 6410 would fit


that then left me with this


because the holes in the centers of the wheels were to big to be a good fit on the axels i drilled them out a few mill and put in a bit of tube



next i fitted the wheels onto the axels and made the mounting bracket,

as you can see there isnt a masive amount of differance in track width




all thats left to do now is to remove the front axel on the 6410 and put the new one on

so thats what i did



after doing that i looked down at the 5820 shortly followed by my watch then thought to my self tea wont be ready for a while yet so i started cutting gagain


and then eventualy ended up with this



tell me what u all think.

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