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Who makes Massey Ferguson's fruit and vineyard tractor

Robert in NY

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Who makes the MF 3400 fruit and vineyard tractor and are they the same guys who are making the MF 3600 fruit and vineyard tractors?

Over here the 3400 was all that was available but not anymore. MF dropped that and supposedly a company in Italy is making the 3600 model for Fruit and vineyards.

MF 3400 3400_main.jpg

MF 3600 available in Italy already 3600fFull02.jpg

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ya i thought the 3300 series was SAME sourced

the 3600 std field tractors was carraro sourced (could be wrong there) , they could be offering the same tractor in fruit and vineyard spec now

the MF 4400 was valtra

carraro built valtra, and renaults orchards also, i thought

the give away on the SAME sourced ones is the front axle

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There are not too many Same tractors here. The Case-IH dealer sells a few of the Same fruit and Vineyard tractors but not very many now that Case-IH has a good fruit and vineyard tractor (thanks to New Holland).

It isn't a big issue but I was curious but I appreciate the info so far :)

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the MF3600f range is built to MF specifications by Agritalia of Italy if thats any help

While trying to find more infor on Agritalia (which I couldn't) I found a link to the John Deere 5015F series which is built by another company for John Deere. The link has Agritalia in it so are these made by the same company?


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they pushed 5020 production to germany

the 5010 was a agritalia/carraro ( ithink) tractor........yet they say made in USA on the id tags..........even the 5000 series was a italian child

that factory still builts the 5000 series speciality tractors

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