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1:16 New Holland TJ530 collector's edition


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I thought i had large tractors in my collection (all the 1:12 scale Ford tractors like the Ford 8000/Ford 8600 and TW-series) until i got this one..

the size is one thing that is great about this tractor. the detail is also very good. the opening hood with removable grill, the engine detail, the cab with all the controls, the mirrors etc.etc. except for the well known problem with the hitch/back of the tractors made by ERTL.

I dont know how the smaller brother(TJ 480 dealer edition) looks like in comparison but hope to find out in a few months ;) .

here are a few pictures

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Yeah, that is a nice model. I have mine sitting on top of my cabinets in the kitchen along with a few other Ford/New Hollands in 1/16 and 1/32. My fridge is decorated with 1/32 and 1/64 models of various OEM's including my first UH model then Denis sent me (its a Deutz). The only problem is I am never at my home anymore since I was hurt so I can't enjoy them very much from here (my parents house while I am rehabing my back).

You do have a great collection. My Ford/NH collection is more 1/16 and 1/64 but I have been adding to my 1/32 section more and more recently.

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thank you.

Regretfully i have no idea where to display this one with all my other Versatiles in 1:16 scale. Right now they are sitting on my bedroom floor..

Sorry to hear you are having health problems  :( and hope your rehabing is going well.  :)

Do you have any pictures of your Ford Collection  ??? If so, where can i find them?

I myself am fond of the 1:16 scale and think they are heavily underrated in Europe where the 1:32 scale is immensily popular.. 2 bad it is very expensive to get them 1:16 scales shipped to here.. Luckily i have some contacts who are willing to help me with the customs form which is always very appreciated.. ;) (better hope that this isnt getting under the attention of some tax representative :P  :-X)

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I don't have any current pics but I will try to get some. My collection has every brand in it and they are mixed and matched as I put models where I had room. I have the majority of my models at my parents house, some at my house in town and a bunch boxed up in my new house. I hope to build a nice display room in my new place as it has a huge attic with stairway from my room there. If I do I hope to organize my collection better.

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I bought one of those when they first came out, it is by far the largest model in my collection. Has some cab detail and the dual wheels are a nice touch, the actual weight of the model is quite impressive though. Weighs in around 12 pounds if I remember correctly!  :o

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