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more pics of machines at the local port


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to be honest, std ford tractors bore the cr@p out of me, but conversions over the years facinate the pants off me.........one day i will have one.........ya never know it may be this shunter tractor above!

next..........is the IH434 in forklifts clothing, called a loadmaster  ;D

shes a absalute hunny........would look good in my shed with the SAMECAR, and a ford 4000 shunter ha ha!

what ya reckon

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and lucky last, ole faithfull C23, she is a OMEGA 54D, with M11 cummins, and 6spd powershift, she is a container handler, will lift 50tonnes, weights just under hundy tonnes, the port has a few, i actually never counted, this is one of the older ones,

i get to make hoses for them when they break, ......can be interesting, they hold nearly 800litres hyd oil

great machines, they work hard, the M11 is reliable in these machines (down tuned),

love working on them, if anyone dissagrees, go repair a hose on a BOBCAT skidsteer, ha ha!

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Intresting, i didnt see much of that stuf from the gondala place, ive gota try get in to the port when im down there in 2 weeks ;D Pud budy ol pal  ;D:D

When i was at school id go to the port of napier and watch the dozers on the chip pile and the omegas running around like headless chickens all avo

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need to tell my friends to lock up there daughters, and tell me misses to stay inside also ha ha!.......you coming down here to do what......??

holiday?......see how the other side live ha ha!

ya can't get into the port, but with me ya can get to the forklift maintenance yard......port is considered internationally waters (although its not like going through customs, just the guards in the watch house don't like everyone wandering in and out)  ha ha!......my misses didn't believe me that my truck leaves the country on a regular basis........

ya know what a agtruck is nick?....

the hundy tonner is like riding a boat, you float side to side, turn the wheel miles before you want to turn ha ha!

the hundy tonner actually rides like a quadtrac pulling a chiselplow in the field, smoooth as, they work that hard that crack testing of rear axles and container pins are done on a regular basis........big pieces of steel break too!

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