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Liquid Fert


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Ok guys, i dont use liquid stuff, never have dont plan to, we use granual, But i have some questions

Ok What sort of application rate do you use ( work on urea Nitrogen)

Can you mix it your self?

Can you use any sprayer or a special type?

Im going to base my spreding comp pics on liquid so i need all the info i can get to get it as realistic as i can

Cheers Nick

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We used to buy in a high N value one for spraying onto sugar beet pre emergence where I used to work. It used to go on at 400 litres per hectare and be mixed with the pre em herbicides as well and be applied with a bog standard Berthoud (before that Sands) sprayer. Some of the larger firms due have mixing plants but for the most part its bought in from companies like Omex locally here.

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