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Old 2470


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yup, i think it failed mechanically, its been there a while

there was a claas mercator sat near there in a bypass for a couple months last year, made it to the local paper, no one new whos it was, i think the cops wanted to impound it.......ha ha!......

i'd say shes not suppose to be there, the farmer behind where that pic is, is a JD man

they are a different beast of a tractor, we had a 2870 with scania engine as a shunter at our fert works where i worked in america, the engine failed, we haulled it out, and tried hard not to put a scania back in, but nothing else was easy (front diff hieght in relation to trans), so a reman scania went back in

bit of a weapon, the cabs for the steering selection gave us the biggest grief

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