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One of these days: farming action near Neuss (Germany), 2008-04-27

Richard de Florennes

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Some superb pics from you again Richard... as always.. thanks for sharing - I don't know how you do it.. but you do ! - I must get you to give me some tips on taking a good picture sometime  :-\

oh, thanks for that kind of positive feedback.

it all is a question of taste and of some esthetic instinct, but this is basically of how I do it:

- take pictures all the time you are on the field (you can delete the rubbish on your computer at home then), move your point-of-view, try to make use of the natural advantages of the landscapes (e. g.  taking pics from a hill or just a bigger stone will add another perspective)

- take into consideration the background, avoid having ugly or disturbing background parts (e. g. cars or commercial vans, electric wire pylons) whenever possibe

- and my special "secret" try to "compose" pictures, e. g. when there is one trailer parked on the headland, try to combine it with a moving tractor, or when there are two tractors operating on one field, also try to combine when ever possible

- however, when combing things, everything should still be visible clearly, avoid overlapping objects, which might result in tractors appearing like having six wheels or two "chimneys" (when overlapping two tractors on a picture)

- and of course keep the sun in your back when ever possible

- good luck

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that's an intresting set up on the first page of the John Deere with the Grimme potato planter with the Lemken power harrow fitted to it. Never seen anything like that before, you seem to find some unusual bits of machinery on your travels  :)

thank you thats appreciated. I was also lucky to find the gig Grimme planter, however the driver (the farmers son) was one of the most arrogant guy you could meet ;-) They are quite proud on their mashinery and their 200 acres of potato fields alone ...

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