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Spraying in the wind

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This is what your machine looks like after you have been spraying in about 40 mph wind  trying to get finished before some big storms set in  and they did last night  some places around here got 4 inches of rain

place i used to haul pigs for  had a hog shed blown down with 1000 pigs inside and another shed lost its entire roof and not a sighn of it or any debris anywere

11 tornados in kansas alone last night

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i was actually putting on 32% liquid fert that stuff weighs like 11lb a gallon

34 gallons to the acre 3qts lexar 6 oz parallel and 24 oz of roundup  plus i had some drift gaurd stuff in

i dont like spraying in really bad wind but there wasnt a crop in the driection the wind was blowing

plus there was a big storm coming  and we needed to get it sprayed before it rained

The maize had been planted and would be growing by the time i could get back in to spray it

we had  3 or 4 inches of rain around this area right here over 2 days  some places up stream of us have ad 7 to 8 inches of rain

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oh and the making of houses strong enough sadly no mate these Tornados are just horific

on the discovery channel they have been showing  the tornado that leveled that whole town of greensburg Kansas last year  that i posted pics of the john deeres  wrecked  that thing leveled the whole town  pretty scary stuff

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