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Daedong DK advert


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hey marky.....

daedong is marketed as kioti in america, the largest ones sold in the US is about 60hp now, they are huge sellers over there

the DK daedong sold here is a perkins engine, and a trans and axles build influenced by iseki engineers i was told (if this is true the front axle should be pretty damn good)

you here lots of people who think they were a pile of crap...........but 90% of that was because most tractors this size get loaders on them.........and apparently the daedong loader wasn't built for NZ farmers either..........rather soft

anyway........some people like em, they are nice, nice cab, they have a fridge in them for your lunch, dry clutch is a bone of contention for most people........

they have sold well........they are priced accordingly.........and you only get what you pay for,

i think they offer a wet clutch on the larger ones and have taken the time to improve them, and in the compacts they offer hydros, etc and they also still offer a bare bones 4wd compact with a crash box, one of daedongs first tractor builds........as a cheap entry level machine.......and they are actually pretty good

you want a tractor up to 90hp, don't want a loader, reckon you will do 600-800hours a year, these will do it, ,,,,,,,and powerfarming NZ is a well established franchise, definitly gives customers the confidence to buy them.......they stand behind them, and carry parts..........one of my customers uses one to pull gang mowers on turf tires round parks, seems to work alright, just no speed demon on the road

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found this in my travels through my computer

this is from when they were first released here in NZ

yea there real value for nothing there as usless as a tractor with out a steering wheel from what i have heard

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they built small ones too.........i wouldn't say they was a zetor, the asians seem to built them better then that.......zetor may out pull one thou

the asians built there tractors for diff markets to mr Zetor, it showed in the final product....cross plys vs radials, only 30km/h road speed available, hyd mid mount plumbing, mid pto (some machines), tractors built to be lighter then norm, and compact, often not great pullers

ISEKI and kubota survive also (those two japanese brands are the silent heros), also LG build tractors,

i have a customer with a DK75 with a turbo bolted on it, basically makes it a DK90, basically all it does is loader work and feeding out........he likes it,


is one of the sites in the US, admitatly the lifestyler market is different to the farmer market, the machine demands are a lot less...........i do know of a guy in michigan way who uses a basic spec small one with a logging winch, and loader to feed his portable saw mill

you will see they now offer the dk90 in america

with powerfarming here strong sellers of landini and mcCormick, i haven't seen a new daedong in a while round here either........but the landini vision 90 has been a big seller,

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