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classic tractor mag fleet profiles

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was looking through some of the earlyer classic tractor mags n wondered if the fleet profiles in 15 and 16 were still beign used these days?think it would be a good article to put in a visit to these fleets to see if they have changed much.think these are the best fleets to read about.

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To answer your question, practically all our articles are written by professional freelance journalists working on a commission basis. Although it is expensive, we get exactly what we want (most of the time) when we want it and with good pictures.

There are some sections, such as Farm Favourites and some news stories which are sent in by readers, but not many. Professional journalists work to tight deadlines and need to generate the work on time to earn a living. Most of our regular writers come from an agricultural publishing background: Mick Roberts (Farmers Weekly/profi), Peter Hill (Farm Contractor/Big Farm Weekly), Andy Collings (Farmers Weekly), Steven Vale (Agricultural Machinery Journal), Julian Cooksley (Arable Farming), etc.

I hope this answers your question.


Rory Day

Editor, Classic Tractor

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I'm a big fan of the fleet profiles and Down on the Farm" columns Rory......You may well remember an article you did a few years back on Ford Bi-Directional tractors which included one owned and operated in Angus Scotland, well it was a nice surprise to see it as it is owned by my local farmer......

A question I have often thought about asking is how are the fleets for fleet profiles chosen, do farmers suggest their fleets or do your journalists track down interesting fleets across the country?

Thanks for a great read...... :)

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rory come up with a idea of how you could decide which fleets to revisit you could get farm toy forum members to vote for which ones to revisit.i had david winthrop at mine the other day takeing pictures when we were silageing has he sent them to you to have a look at?dont no what his plans are with them?

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